Our farm is located west of the town of Grenfell, at the foot of the Weddin Mountains in New South Wales. It is a mixed farm where we grow wheat, barley, oats, canola, chickpeas and lupins. We also raise lambs and produce wool.

Farming sustainably is important to us. In our cropping program we have been practicing stubble retention and no till farming methods since the 1990's and more recently machine guidance via GPS and controlled traffic on the paddocks. In our livestock enterprise we improve pasture to help maintain production and ground cover, we buy in high index rams bred for eye muscle and optimum fat cover at specific lamb weights, and use silage production rather than hay because it is nutritionally better for our animals during dry times.

We have also continued to increase the number of areas fenced off for both native and planted trees, and since the "decade of drought" we have seen new germination of trees along unstocked waterways and fence lines.

We work throughout the year to produce the best grain and animals that we can, so it is important for us to follow our produce through to when it is delivered to you. That way we are able to make sure that the entire process is low stress (for our animals), packaged with care and delivered conveniently.

We value your interest and feedback so please contact us with any enquiries or comments.